Imagery and Software Sales

Satellite imagery has changed the way we see they world. Detailed, up to date imagery provides information faster and at a fraction of the cost of other imagery sources such as aircraft based photo imagery, allowing more informed planning, monitoring, and decision making. Archival imagery can also allow a look into the past, providing valuable information otherwise unavailable.

Western Heritage provides satellite imagery for every region of the world, with spatial resolutions from 1 km to 50 cm. We are a licensed reseller for Digital Globe.

We can supply images from optical or radar satellites:

Optical Satellites

  • GeoEye, Ikonos, Worldview I, Worldview II, Quickbird
  • RapidEye, Spot, LandSat

Radar Satellites

  • Radarsat, ASAR, Terra-x and more

Western Heritage also distributes specialized imagery software:

  • GeoExpress from LizardTech
  • MrSid compression services from Lizardtech