Community Engagement

Around the world, the expansion of resource development has made community engagement one of the most important aspects of any company’s operations and corporate social responsibility plans.

Western Heritage has adopted the Cultural Landscape Approach for managing community engagement. This approach incorporates both tangible and intangible values of cultural and natural features, as well as the interactions between people and their surrounding environments. The Cultural Landscape Approach is based on engaging local communities in conservation and management planning of cultural places.

The Cultural Landscape Approach can be applied across diverse settings, from rural to urban environments, and from Aboriginal cultural landscapes to industrial (oil and gas drilling sites, mines, quarries) and agricultural (farmlands and ranch lands) cultural landscapes.

Whether you represent the interests of a resource development company, a community involved in development, an Aboriginal group, or a government agency, Western Heritage can work with you to develop a comprehensive engagement plan to address stakeholder needs and concerns, and ensure sustainable development.

Some of the components of typical sustainable engagement plans include:

Community Engagement

  • Community Surveys and Interviews
  • Community Open Houses and Workshops
  • Stakeholder Meetings and Discussions
  • Capacity Building and Training Programs
  • Co-management Planning

Aboriginal Engagement

  • Traditional Knowledge Studies
  • Traditional Land Use Studies
  • Facilitation of Traditional Ceremonies